Japan 2014 Photos – Day 1

My introduction to Japan, on my first ever visit was pretty intense. Mitto and I landed at Nagoya International Airport and were met by Mizunaga-San and Jens. From there we drove DIRECTLY to a practice day in the mountains, at a Ski resort where some awesome drifters such as Hibino, Tanaka and Taniguchi were in attendance and ripping hard. After over 24 hours of being awake and travelling, I found myself in the drivers seat of a JZX100 Mark II and got to run a few times.

This day was pretty eye-opening for me, highlighting the reasons that the Japanese continue to stay miles ahead of the European drift scene. The biggest difference? Attitude and lack of Ego – Hibino actually drove less, and worked harder than almost anyone that day.

These are not my best photos, but I blame my tiredness and lack of practice shooting. I got much more practive over the next two weeks!

C’s Garage – The coolest team outside of Japan?

I’ve been a fan of Joel and Adam Hedges’ cars for some time now, having seen countless photos across the internet. They have an awesome style and appear to be very well prepared for an “amateur” team (I use the quote marks because C’s garage is now a business, selling their 555 Knuckles). These boys from NZ have raised the bar!

I just spotted this video pop up in my YouTube Subscriptions and watching it evokes memories of watching the Mind Control and Burst teams ripping. These guys get timing, and it looks like they are having a great time on track!

I won a trophy!

A couple of weeks ago I went to Holland with a bunch of drivers from my RC Drift track, Soul RC and the UK did really well overall!

James Simpson RC Drifter

I came away with 4th place and picked up a trophy! Mitto also got best chassis at the event so not a bad weekend really – plus we had an awesome time meeting up with a load of our European buddies.